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Bahlol Lodi

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(?–1489). The first Lodi sultan of Delhi, he belonged to a family of Afghans who were serving under Khizr Khan in thePunjab since the beginning of the 15th century. During the reign of Mubarak Shah (1421–1434), Bahlol came to control Sirhind, where he commanded a large Afghan contingent. On the retiring of the last Saiyid ruler Alaudin Alam Shah to Badaun in 1448, Bahlol came to Delhi. In 1451, he proclaimed himself a sultan at Delhi but did not disturb Alam Shah in Badaun. After having subdued the nobles and chiefs controlling the Doab and the tract round Delhi, Bahlol went to war against the Sharqi ruler of Jaunpur. This long, drawn-out war eventually led to the annexation of the eastern territories up to Bihar to the Lodi empire. Bahlul Lodi is also credited with reorganizing the Delhi sultanate, limiting discordance between its despotic ethos and the tribal susceptibilities of his Afghan followers. He died in 1489, leaving behind an empire extending from the Indus River to the confines of Bihar in the east. [1]


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